Find Peace

Yin Yoga is a provocative practice that facilitates deep inner peace, wisdom and relaxation.

Yin & Restorative

Yang to Yin

Yin Yoga

This class utilizes the styles of both restorative and yin yoga to facilitate relaxation and healing.  Restorative postures are more fully supported than yin postures, with more attention to restoration.  Yin postures are shorter in duration with a greater focus on passive static stretching.
These clases begin with a more vigorous practice of vinyasa style yoga.  Students focus on breathing and muscular coordination before transitioning into yin yoga for the latter half of the class.  
Yin Yoga is a method of static passive stretching practiced mainly on the floor with props for support.  Students relax into deep postures that mostly target the hips and spine for 3-5 minutes per pose. 

Explore Your Identity

During the practice of Yin Yoga we have the opportunity to examine ourselves and our reactions to the external environment.  This enhances our capacity to be present and accountable to our reality. 
All of the Teachers on this website have completed the academically rigorous Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Tracey Soghrati.  This program requires that teachers study intensely, complete an enormous amount of self-examination and committ to their own personal evolution prior to teaching.  There is no other program like it. 

Enhance your mobility, relieve stress, decrease pain...

  1. What is Static Passive Stretching?
    This type of stretching is performed in stillness (typically seated on the floor) and the practitioner uses their own body weight or props to facilitate relaxation into the stretch.
  2. How Long are Stretches Held?
    Each posture is practiced for anywhere from 3-5 minutes. If the posture is more challenging, the student will practice for much less time, and vice versa. The goal is that the student listens to their own body, resting when needed.
  3. Does Yin Yoga Relieve Stress?
    Static stretching releases endorphins modulating pain and facilitating relaxation. We also use diaphragmatic breathing and mindfulness meditation which are evidence-based techniques that have been shown to modify stress.
  4. Do I need previous yoga experience?
    We are all beginners at our first yin yoga class regardless of our previous yoga experience. However, if you are completely new to yoga we advise that you hold the postures for less time.